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What makes a great school?

For children school is not simply the preparation for life, it is life…John Dewey

A group of young students gathered around a table

Students – what makes a great school?

A great school is often described as a community of learners, encompassing students, teachers, support staff, parents, and community members. Engaging this community of learners in recognizing the many positive attributes of a school, while highlighting future directions and areas for focus, is the intention behind our framework for district and school planning.

In the North Vancouver School District, our planning is geared towards ensuring every school is a Vibrant Learning Community. In consultation with our educational partners, we have identified the following six core attributes that help foster a Vibrant Learning Community:

A Vibrant Learning Community is a place that has…

A Focus on student engagement and learning
A culture of teamwork and collaboration
Respect for adult and student diversity
A strong sense of community and collective responsibility
Strong systemic structures including collaboration, meetings and PACs
Ongoing and relevant communication of student learning

A great school is a Vibrant Learning Community.

It is a place where students and educators learn, share and grow together.


Framework for district and school planning

To create Vibrant Learning Communities, North Vancouver School District uses a planning process that focuses on:


House posts of planning: Vision to goal setting, Planning & Implementation, Monitor Evaluate & Adapt, and Communicating Progress

Four house posts of planning

The term ‘house post’ is significant in Indigenous culture. As the foundation of a stable home for people to live in, strong house posts represent a solid structure that withstands the forces against it. The house posts of planning are: 1) Vision to Goal Setting; 2) Planning and Implementation; 3) Monitor, Evaluate, and Adapt; and 4) Communicating Progress.



Three essential planning strands

Through our stakeholder working group, we identified three essential strands to inform and guide the school planning process: 1) Values and Vision; 2) Engagement and Learning; and 3) Collaboration, Communication, and Community.



To support our planning, the North Vancouver School District is committed to the Pillars of Educational Practice.