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District Priorities


Through an appreciative inquiry mindset and small improvements, everywhere, all the time, we develop a “Learning Community” with a continuous improvement mindset.NVSD Executive Committee

Enhancing student learning and engagement requires collaboration, continuous reflection, and an inquiry mindset. Our ‘Vision to Action Journey’ represents an innovative approach to providing our educational partners with evidence that the North Vancouver Schools are continually developing and enhancing our learning communities.

In each area of priority, goals are informed by consultation with respective departments, educational research, stakeholder input, and School Plans. Although the District Plan is a multi-year commitment to areas of priority, we are committed to an annual cycle of action inclusive of goal setting.

The North Vancouver School District priority areas are:

Our Data Story

Our Data Story provides a wide-range of assessment/achievement data from the Ministry of Education and the School District that are important indicators of system success when collected district-wide. Assessment/achievement results are but one measure of student success.

Our Data Story

Unique Student Groups

The Ministry of Education and the North Vancouver Schools recognize that long-standing differences exist related to school success amongst particular groups. Most notably, the unique student groups identified below requires a shared commitment to nurturing a sense of belonging for all, and aligning supports to best address individual and group needs.

District Data