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School Planning: Vision to Action

The School Planning web resource is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of each stage of the School Planning process. Stakeholders will find practical resources that can be used in the ‘Vision to Action Process’.

Curriculum Hub resource website

Curriculum Hub

The Curriculum Hub is designed to provide educators with a greater understanding of the foundations to the new curriculum, as well as a practical tool kit for classroom practice. The site includes sample unit plans, overviews, and practical activities to engage with the new curriculum.

Complex Learners resource website

Complex Learners

The Complex Learners web resource is designed for educators and home teams to guide shared understandings and approaches to educational planning and support. The resource focuses on seven core components identified by educators and families as being essential in the educational planning and support process for students with more complex learning needs.

Français 44

This website and collaborative space is designed to support French Immersion teachers in the North Vancouver School District. The site provides teachers with new resource discoveries, helpful links and a space for sharing innovative practice ideas.

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Young Readers

The Young Readers web resource is designed for educators with a focus on the development of reading. The resource contains foundational understandings to the reading process, as well as instructional guidance and resources for educators.

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Literacy 44

The Literacy 44 web resource is designed for educators K-12 with a focus on continued development of literacy skills through all subject areas. The resource contains a broad selection of lesson plans, and instructional ideas for educators to use in their curriculum and instructional design.