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Supporting the 'Vibrant Learning Community'

Teachers cannot create and sustain the conditions for productive development of children if those conditions do not exist for teachers.Seymour B. Sarason

The Family of Schools (FOS) Model is the District Learning Services structure to support school development and professional capacity building in the North Vancouver School District.

The FOS structure is intended to enable a more holistic understanding of school based priorities, professional in-service needs, as well as focus school and educator development at the school and classroom level.

Each Family of Schools (FOS) includes the full continuum of schools from elementary to their community high school. Each FOS is supported by a Director of Instruction, a Human Resource Manager, a FOS Leader, a FOS Teacher Leader, District Administrators, and the itinerant specialist staff. The FOS Team meets regularly throughout the school year with the respective Zone Assistant Superintendent, Principals, and Vice Principals to determine priorities and plans of support.

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The FOS is a vision of a Learning Community where expertise can be developed and shared across school sites.

This expertise includes the development of universal classroom practice through to more targeted and intensive instructional support for complex learners. Key to the ongoing initiatives is the Pillars of Educational Practice (i.e., Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Social Emotional Learning) and Universal Design (i.e., Universal Practices, targeted practices, intensive practices).