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Braemar Elementary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Our Vision:

To foster engaged critical thinkers and compassionate global citizens.

Our Mission:

The École Braemar School Community works together to provide a caring, respectful, and inclusive environment where learning is engaging and meaningful.

Our Goals:

  1. Promote active student ENGAGEMENT within and beyond the classroom setting.
  2. Develop students’ sense of EMPOWERMENT in their learning.
  3. Provide and expand authentic and meaningful learning opportunities that are RELEVANT to students.
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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?


September 2018

  • Staff reviewed the goals from the SAP and identified key areas of continued focus within the plan for future collaboration days and staff meetings:

  1. Second Step Program to support Student Engagement & Student Empowerment
  2. Core Competencies to support Relevant Learning
  3. Goal Setting with focus on Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset to support Student Engagement, Student Empowerment and Relevant Learning
    Assessment practices to support Student Engagement, Student Empowerment and Relevant Learning
  4. Curricular planning to support Student Engagement, Student Empowerment and Relevant Learning

October 2018

  • School Action Planning Committee met at ESC on October 22, 2018 with student representatives. At meeting reviewed the three goals and identified the following:

  1. What is Relevant Learning/What it is Not
  2. What is Student Engagement/What it is Not
  3. What is Student Empowerment/What it is Not

  • School Action Planning Committee also discussed ways to document and measure growth

November 2018

  • At November Staff Meeting: Kelly Munro, school counsellor, presentation on Fixed Growth Mind Set and Fixed Mindset
  • At November Staff Meeting, SAP committee shared work done at the October 22, 2018 meeting. Staff members provided further input
  • At November SAP Committee meeting, members reviewed all input from the October 22, 2018 meeting and staff meeting and identified ways to measure and collect data
  • Focus for first data collection: Student Parent Teacher Conferences

December 2018

  • Staff will complete survey on Student Parent Teacher Conferences and identify other doable approaches to data collection based on previous input provided
  • At December Staff meeting, CFOS leaders presentation on differentiation of instruction to support goal: Student Empowerment, Relevant Learning and Student Engagement

January 2019

  • Staff will complete the self-reflection on aspects of a vibrant learning community.

February 2019

  • Student survey with focus on the three goals

March 2019

  • Staff will review the Code of Conduct and how it aligns with the School Action Plan

April 2019

  • Parent survey with focus on the three goals

May 2019

  • Review of School Action Plan with all stakeholders. Progress to date and determine next steps


January/February 2017

  • Met with SAP Committee (full team) to get feedback
  • For each objective, worked on how we assess if these goals have been met; what is our assessment strategy?
  • Met with SAP (full team) to get feedback

March 2017

  • reviewed SAP as a staff
  • reviewed feedback with SAP Committee (full team) to get feedback

April 2017

  • Finalized SAP

May 2017

  • Reviewed our mission and vision statements
  • looked at how we showcase the SAP with our community

June 2017

  • Finalized our mission and vision statements
  • Showcased the SAP to all partner groups


January 2016

  • Input from parents, staff, and students “Why is Braemar a great school? Why do you enjoy coming to Braemar? What are the elements and features that make Braemar a great school?”

February 2016

  • From staff, “What is worthwhile in our school? In other words, what are key areas of growth that we need to focus on that will ensure that the work we do for and with students is purposeful, worthwhile, and reflects best educational practice?”
  • Created a SAP Committee with all stakeholder groups represented:
    -two parents
    -four students (two gr 6 students, 2 gr 7 students)
    -three teachers
    -two support staff members
    -two administrators

March 2016

  • The SAP Committee (school-based members only) saw that the “worthwhile” ideas could be placed into 4 pillars: Curriculum, Assessment, Social-Emotional Learning, and Instruction
  • At the March staff meeting, school staff highlighted a total of four statements in their table groups that they felt were the most worthwhile and reflect the best educational practices

April 2016

  • From staff, “What are the common threads/themes that you notice from this list?”

May 2016

  • Created a foundation or “goal posts” and asked two questions for each goal post:

What does “it” mean to you?
What does “it” look like at Braemar?

  • Received further feedback/input from SAP Committee (full team)

September 2016

  • Reviewed our journey thus far
    October 2016
  • Discussed next steps in SAP = objectives, strategies, assessment

November 2016

  • For each goal post, pinpointed 2-3 objectives

December 2016

  • Reviewed and worked on objectives
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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

2017-2018 SAP Progress

Goal #1: Student Engagement:

Enhancing SEL

Upgrade learning spaces

Lighting upgrade

Painting fold down tables in hallway

Created LST space

Mindful Learning program for K-7

Differentiated Instruction

Piloted Lit stations with grade 4/5s

French IPAD tech tub

School staff and the School District Facilities & Planning department worked together to develop an inclusive solution for the goal of enhanced site accessibility for staff and students exiting the north side of the school. For more information please refer to Braemar Accessibility Project Plan.

Collaborative Learning Services

In take/out take meetings

Report card reviews

SBRT referral model was revised and presented to staff

Experiential Learning

Skype Learning

Science Alive Programs

Different in-house learning opportunities (Microsoft, UBC, various out of school field trips)

Bike week grade 4-7

Show case Learning

Terrific Tuesday

Braemar Bulletin

Foyer TV/display

Student-led conferences

Self-awareness/self- regulation

Second Step purchase

In-Service during EA meetings and staff meetings

Morning announcements

Kids in the know

Mindful Kids Program

Goal #2: Relevant Learning:

Develop Core Competencies

Posters in all classrooms

Inquiry/concept-based learning

Misty Patterson Visits

Kammi Clark Visits

New Curriculum

New Resource purchases

Goal #3: Student Empowerment:

Student Goal-Setting

3-Way Conferencing

Sports Cart Leadership Group

Reporting Pilot

Student Self-Reflection

Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies

Second Step Activities

Sports Cart Leadership Group

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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

Throughout the school year we collect evidence of our growth.  This can be captured through everyday school life at Braemar.  You will see photos, as well as through data which is qualitative and quantitative. Examples of evidence collected include:

  • surveys
  • questionnaires,
  • student attendance records
  • student, parent and staff feedback



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Latest Progress & Updates

October 22, 2018 – District SAP Meeting

  • The School Action Plan Committee met at the ESC to review progress to date and to reflect on next steps forward. We had representatives from the staff, parent community and the student community.