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Brooksbank Elementary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?


Through informal and formal staff discussions, we have become aware of the need for students to further develop their ability to self-regulate. These observations align themselves with the District’s focus on social-emotional learning in all schools

We also continue to strive to engage all students to engage as creative and critical thinkers.

Our Beliefs

We believe pro-social skills need to be explicitly taught, positively and regularly acknowledged, and reinforced to help our school community members experience a sense of belonging and to build self-efficacy.

We believe that fostering a sense of belonging at Brooksbank creates an inclusive culture and increases the frequency of pro-social interactions between students, staff, and families.

We believe in extending this belonging to our greater school community; the Sutherland Family of Schools (FoS), which allows out student leaders to have a public voice when advocating for our community.

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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

Social-Emotional Goal & Objective

GOAL: To strengthen students’ sense of belonging, self-awareness, and self-management skills.

Objective: Within the Personal Awareness and Responsibility Core Competency, staff and students will focus upon the five “I” statements within self-regulation.

  • I can sometimes recognize emotions.
  • I can use strategies that help me manage my feelings and emotions. 
  • I can persevere with challenging tasks.
  • I can implement, monitor, and adjust a plan and assess the results. 
  • I can take ownership of my goals, learning, and behaviour 

As students demonstrate growth in self-regulation, we will shift the focus to other domains of the Personal Awareness Core Competency, namely self-determination, while maintaining self-regulatory skills.

Academic Goal & Objective

GOAL: Facilitate students’ academic growth and success through intentional support of Creative and Critical Thinking Core Competencies.

Objective: Within the Creative Thinking Core Competency staff and students will focus upon the five “I” statements within Developing Ideas.

  • I make ideas work or change what I am doing.
  • I can usually make my ideas work within the constraints of a given form, problem, and materials if I keep playing with them.
  • I build the skills I need to make my ideas work, and usually succeed, even if it takes a few tries.
  • I use my experiences with various steps and attempts to direct my future work.
  • I can persevere over years if necessary to develop my ideas. I expect ambiguity, failure, and setbacks, and use them to advance my thinking.

Objective: Within the Critical Thinking Core Competency staff and students will focus upon the five “I” statements within Analyze and Critique.

  • I can show if I like something or not.
  • I can identify criteria that I can use to analyze evidence.
  • I can analyze evidence from different perspectives.
  • I can reflect on and evaluate my thinking, products, and actions.
  • I can analyze my own assumptions and beliefs and consider views that do not fit with them.

 Using the Creative and Critical Thinking Core Competencies, students will focus on their ability to examine their own thinking, and that of others. Students will progress through the continuum of the Creative and Critical Thinking Core Competencies.

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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

In order to measure our students’ growth in the goal areas, we will use the Self-assessment of the Core Competencies, which every child completes, and the Student Learning Survey which is completed in Grades 4 and 7. Combined these will inform our practice, professional development, and collaboration times.

When the evidence suggests that the majority of students practicing the goals independently, the goal will be archived but will still be taught in all classes to maintain the skills.

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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

For Staff

Staff will be kept up to date at monthly Staff and C.U.P.E. Meetings, as well through staff email and the Week at a Glance for weekly events that support the our goals.

For the School Community

The Brooksbank community will be able to monitor our progress through this website, as well as reports at the monthly PAC Meeting, and monthly newsletters that are emails to families, but also posted o to the school’s website.

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Latest Progress & Updates