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Eastview Elementary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Vision Statement

Eastview School provides a safe and respectful environment. We foster the development of a community of responsible lifelong learners. At Eastview we want every student to:

  1. Feel safe
  2. Take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour
  3. Have a positive and helpful attitude
  4. Show respect for themselves, others and property

Eastview represents a community of learners engaging respectfully with an open mind and open heart.

Goal Statement

To recognize and celebrate equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community.


To cultivate and nurture a student-centred approach to learning

  1. Teacher-led explicit instruction around what student-centred learning is to foster independence and passion for learning. Focus on meta-cognition for learning.
  2. Accessible equipment for primary and intermediate students (laptops, iPads)
  3. District aligned coding programs for students (Lightbot, Spheros, Cubetto, Scratch Jr.)
  4. Inquiry aligned project based learning (passion projects, genius hours, dream projects)
  5. Focus on Early Literacy (English Language Assessment booklets) with a focus on updating our primary book room (diversity, equity, BIPOC materials).
  6. Fall 2021 introduction of Heggerty Program (oral phonics). All primary students complete daily WORD PLAY lessons.
  7. Physical Literacy Program (8 week) district teacher guided staff and students through movement and connected with sports and equipment necessary for lifelong activity skills.
  8. Self and peer assessment aligned with competencies around student driven learning
  9. IEP’s, Teaching to Diversity Checklist, focus on differentiated instruction.
  10. Applied Design Science & Technology school wide photography challenge. Student perspective from behind the lens (light, colour, texture) related to school objectives.
  11. School wide Core Competency activities (Mandala outdoor learning aligned with Earth Day)
  12. Alignment with Partners for Inclusive Education (PIE) Committee to bring speakers for parent and staff development.
  13. Accessing outdoor learning opportunities. Participating in Cheakamus Centre Programs and utilizing neighbourhood facilities to promote students’ interest and passions.
  14. Conduct an annual student-focus group discussion to solicit feedback and ideas to guide practice.

To foster and support a sense of belonging, mental health, and well-being

  1. Highlight and promote a sense of belonging visually throughout the school:
    • Staff board (grow your knowing – Sept 2022)
    • Sense of Belonging Definition word art (as developed by students, staff and students). Classroom posters created and distributed Sept 2022.
    • Teacher-led explicit instruction and literary support around increasing awareness of a sense of belonging.
  2. Staff engaging in Professional Development around Social Emotional Learning:
    • 2nd year of Second Step Program started in Fall 2021
    • Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators
    • Standing item on our monthly staff meetings
  3. Social Emotional Learning Committee meetings on a regular basis to provide guidance and feedback related to school objective:
    • Morning cafe (for staff)
    • Self-care practice opportunities
    • Walking Club
  4. Monthly SEL themed activities for staff and students to foster a sense of belonging and SEL support.
  5. Increase the home-school communication regarding the SEL and mental health programs at school through Community Memo will begin in September 2022.
  6. Partners for Inclusive Education (PIE) meetings as a means of continuing dialogue and moving forward and community initiatives.
  7. Student Leadership opportunities to increase agency and voice in fostering equity, inclusion and diversity (peer mediators, lunch monitors, student leading assemblies, technology tutors)
  8. Re-introduce buddy opportunities to create and foster connections between students.
  9. Re-ignite “Buddy Bench” learning for students.
  10. Standing item for discussion at every staff meeting
  11. Collaboration with parents and focused discussions at PAC meetings
  12. Staff buddy program to support new staff members to the school
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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

Implementation Cycle

September/ October– Communication of School Plan with Staff at Staff Meetings and Parents at PAC Meetings

November/ December– Continued implementation of strategies

School Planning Network (FOS)

January– Student Focus Group Discussion and Feedback

February/ March/ April – Continued implementation of strategies

School Planning Network (FOS)

May/June– Review and Reflection

Members Responsible for Eastview School Plan

School Plan Working Group– Eastview Elementary’s working group consists of Administrators, Teachers, CUPE staff and our PAC representatives.

Staff– All Eastview staff members have a role and responsibility for the creation, implementation, and review of the school plan. The plan is a standing item on each monthly staff meeting.

Parents– The school plan is communicated to all parents in a variety of ways. Parents have the opportunity to discuss the school plan at the monthly PAC meetings. On occasions, the PAC Executive Committee is called upon to provide feedback and guidance to the school in relationship to the plan.

Students– Each year, a focus group of student representatives is brought together for a guided discussion regarding their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions related to the school plan.

Current Action Plan

Our School Plan working group met twice throughout the 2021-2022 school year. 

The first session opened with a message on the process and vision from our director of instruction, Dr. Vince White. These meetings took place all around our Sutherland Family of Schools (FOS) on the same day at the same time. Once the meeting was over, it was turned over to each school. We placed 6 poster sized pieces of paper with the District strategic plan goals and then rotated (carousal style) to each table. We added things that we currently do in our school or have been doing that aligned with the new strategic plan. Once that process was complete, we saw themes start to emerge. Our overarching goal was to see if there was appetite among staff and in our community to update our school goal and to modify or change our objectives. First and foremost, we recognized that our profound focus on indigenous learning over the past 6 years is now embedded in our practice and could be shifted. We agreed that our SEL objective on fostering a sense of belonging could be more robust and finally that our strong community goal has been achieved. The afternoon meeting closed with a message from our District Superintendent and a brief report out from each of the schools in our FOS.

We took the suggestion for new goal, modified objective and new objective to the December staff meeting and the staff unanimously voted to make the change to our school plan.

Through the months of January to March, the Eastview staff focused on reflecting and identifying what student centered learning meant for each person individually and what it meant collectively as a whole staff. A more explicit exploration of strategies and tactics for student centered instruction took place.

Our second session was a goal setting opportunity with FOS-wide activities to foster alignment and sharing opportunities. Sharing among schools was a key part of the working group successes and will continue into the Fall of 2022.

  • Objective: To cultivate and nurture a student-centred approach to learning


  • Supported grade group collaborative opportunities for cross-curricular focuses around learning.

  • Current trends in teaching that support project-based inquiry and student-driven learning.
  • Visual display of student work in the hallways for all students.

  • Professional development opportunities to support the guidance and growth of student-centred learning.

  • Shared instructional practices in staff meetings.

  • Primary grade teachers focus on building a story workshop accessible cart for sharing and exploration.
  • Increased focus on outdoor learning opportunities.
  • Alignment with our NVSD Strategic Plan for 2021-2031.

Objective: To foster and support a sense of belonging, mental health, and well-being


  • Collaborative development of monthly themes to guide and facilitate the movement towards an authentic sense of belonging for students, staff and families.
  • Visual representation within the school hallways and stairways to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Increased focus on the diversity of students and families to foster authentic dialogue and voice within our students, staff and community.
  • Continued commitment towards building professional development for staff around Social Emotional Learning.
  • Alignment opportunities for the Partners for Inclusive Education (PIE), community and staff to build culture of care and compassion.
  • Staff photo board as a welcome space for parents and visitors.
  • Alignment with our NVSD Strategic Plan for 2021-2031.

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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

What have we achieved?

With ongoing reflection on our progress with our school plan, we endeavour to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Below is important data and feedback regarding our progress thus far.

This year we updated our school goal, revised one objective and refined the other. This will take us forward with our planning into future.

“To recognize and celebrate equity, diversity and inclusion in our community.

Our commitment to SOAR (safety, ownership, attitude and respect) like Eastview eagles is a pivotal focus for our school. To nurture our commitment to safety, all students, staff and community members deserve to attend a school where equity, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of our learning and our professional and personal growth.

As a staff we are/will:

  • Examine personal biases and challenge our own beliefs.
  • Model equity for our students.
  • Allow flexibility in learning to accommodate all learning styles.
  • We will pause, address, discuss and follow-up on remarks or actions that do not align with equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Create equitable classroom environments
  • Accommodate all learning styles (seek to understand students and how they learn best).
  • Examine and update learning materials.  Does every student see themselves represented in learning?
  • Give students a voice
Students can expect that they will:
  • belong and matter
  • be acknowledged and respected
  • have a voice and be able to share thoughts, ideas and opinions
  • be in culturally sensitive classroom spaces
  • have diversity in their learning
  • have flexibility and freedom in their learning
  • have their chosen pronouns practiced and used consistently
  • learn in an environment that is differentiated to meet their needs

Student Focus Group Feedback

A small group of students from grades 3 to 7 were brought together back in February for a discussion related to our school plan. Their thoughtful comments and suggestions provided us with invaluable feedback. Below is a sampling of their thoughts.

What words would you use to describe our school?







Helping out people


Welcoming, inclusive and a safe place to learn

Friendly, organized, clean environment and life changing

Feeling of belonging


Mistakes are allowed – teachers will support you


    In what ways do you have a say about your own learning?​ What else can we do to let students have a greater say about their own learning?​ 

    Differentiated math opportunities for all

    Get to choose projects, different things to do, students have some options

    Programs for students who are excelling and also help for students who need it (tutors), help students get even better

    Having more choice as to what we get to do

    Combine two long projects into one, combine subjects (pe/math outside)

    Get to choose to miss out on a subject and take more of another subject

    More coding

    Some people think school is a chore, if we change the way they think about school, they will think it is more exciting (both teachers and students job)

    Everybody should be able to take deep breaths and get water

    More choice what games to play in gym

    More opportunities for body breaks, a breather, go for a walk, tiring to sit for 6 hours

    I like when the teachers give you options on what ways you want to do things.

    Teachers could draw out what they are saying and be more concise with the topic. Speak on a different level so that everyone understands. 

    I appreciate that the teachers are willing to listen. I think there are many ways to learn.

    All my teachers incorporate our ideas in what we learn.

    Sometimes when we are struggling in math, the teacher expects that the kids that are good at something they don’t need the help. 

    More support for when you are struggling with friends and socially

    Choose whether you want to do a group project or individually

    Anonymous Box where you can share your thoughts if you don’t have a voice or are not comfortable speaking in front of a group.

    I always see teachers supporting students, and I love that about school. I am a talker but sometimes those kids want to talk should be paired with a quieter student to have students help students.

    There should be more fun. It’s a long day and we need more movement and fun. 

    We want to start some new clubs. Like art club, one person would plan the art or craft. Design stuff for assemblies, labels for the library.

    I think we should increase our support of student’s mental health (multiple counsellors, tutoring) to have them be able to talk to someone.

    Homework club (where students can get help from adults)

    Developing a Sense of Belonging

    The Student Focus Group also provided the following in relation to our sense of belonging goal.  Here are the questions presented to our student focus group and the student responses in summary.

    What ways do you see us making sure everyone feels like they belong in our school?

    Lots of reassurance and togetherness

    When you make a mistakes it is okay

    Make sure you have self-care

    Lots of people to help you out

    If you have difficulties, you have a growth mindset

    Always someone to play with

    Teachers keep you safe

    Different activities: sports, band something for everyone

    Support, people can help

    People are friendly

    Always welcome people into their group

    All the drills and motion detectors make you feel safe

    If someone is lonely you can help them

    Student of the Week – contribute to the school and have them stand out.  It shows that they belong in our school community

    We welcome new children to our school

    People listen to you

    The Buddy Bench was a really good idea

    When I first came to this school, I noticed that the teachers were so welcoming, and I immediately made friends.

    What else can we do to make sure everyone feels like they belong?

    Like the school how it is

    Second Step- should be more widespread- helpful

    Track and field should be for everyone

    More clubs

    More interaction between different grades (after COVID)

    Other clubs- artistic and creative ones, not just sports

    Fundraising activities that include all students

    Activities open to all grades

    Grade seven stations set up around the school, focus on cultures

    If students are going through something (trauma, sadness) teachers can check in with them and be more understanding

    More counselling, opportunities to get stuff out, know someone is there for them

    Treat everyone equally

    Learn more about different cultures.

    Bring back community events, to involve the community.

    Entrepreneur Fairs

    I wouldn’t change one little thing about this school

    Support time must be balanced between students.

    What are you most proud of at Eastview?

    So many people who are around, people to help

    Meetings about things that impact you

    Everyone is so friendly, welcoming

    Understanding culture and history, open to learning

    Everyone is wanting to help

    Get to have opportunity to go on field trips, longhouse

    School is in a popular place, welcoming and kind



    Student leadership

    Hot lunch

    Everyone is so welcoming and if you are new you feel at home

    Listening, respectful and kindness.  You always have someone behind you.

    Positive attitude towards development

    There’s always that one person that you want to come to school with.

    Our school is in a nice area.

    I love that this school is always trying to find fun ways to come together and share.

    Mrs. Mey and Mr. Chan are always thinking of fun ways to bring the school kids together.

    Pro-D days when the teachers get to talk together and work without the students needing attention.

    After providing student the opportunity to describe their sense of belonging, we engaged staff and parents in a similar activity. Through the guided discussion with community stakeholders, a common understanding that we all desire a sense of belonging in our school community.

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    Communicating Progress

    How do we Communicate our Progress?

    Eastview Elementary’s school plan is an ongoing, evolving process that relies on reciprocal relationship between staff, students, parents and the community.

    How Do We Communicate Our Progress?

    • Our school website
    • Community Memo
    • “Week At A Glance” staff memo
    • Monthly presentations at the PAC meetings
    • Morning announcements
    • Classroom blogs or weekly news blasts
    • Informal/impromptu “classroom door” discussions
    • Partners for Inclusive Education (PIE)
    • School Assemblies
    • Student Family Teacher (STF) Conferences
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    Latest Progress & Updates

    Progress Update: July 2022

    This year, students started the year by responding to a different learning environment with strict Covid-19 protocols for the health and safety of all. Students met daily challenges with resilience and perseverance and moved with the tide as schools returned to pre-pandemic levels in late-Spring. Students engaged in traditional practices that promote a strong sense of belonging and community involvement with kindness and care. 

    Using our new 10-year Strategic Plan as a guide to report our student progress and learning, we are proud to highlight some of our ongoing inquiries, projects and inquiries for 2021-2022:

    Student-Centred Education

    Provide equity-based educaton that supports the learning needs of all students.

    • Student voice and increased agency
    • Project based learning projects with students taking a staring role in their own learning
    • Exploring math, literacy and inquiry based learning
    • Using our forest, circle structure or our log seating outdoor classroom spaces
    • Creating visual art projects using a variety of mediums and tools
    • Multi-aged buddy activities
    • Exploring entrepreneurial endeavours and technology using the lens of applied design technology and science to capture beautiful images of our school grounds in a photography challenge, creating arcade games or launching a business
    • Staff collaboration time used to share strategies and tactics to enhance outdoor and indoor learning opportunities

        Innovative Instruction

        Enhance innovative and effective approaches and curriculum to develop educated citizens.

        • Dream projects
        • Country projects
        • Arcade game fair
        • Shark-tank business model fair
        • Updating materials in library and reading rooms to include black, Indigenous, people of colour, equity and diversity
        • New novel studies to support equity, diversity and inclusion in learning
        • Coding programs
        • Teacher blogs and MS Teams communication platforms
        • Heggerty oral phonics program
        • Primary Teacher Network to bring innovative instruction to classrooms
        • English Language Assessment booklets for primary students
        • STF Conferences

        Welcoming and Inclusive Culture

        Enhance our welcoming, safe and inclusive culture and learning environments.

        • Buddy Bench
        • Student Focus Group
        • Terry Fox Run
        • Presentations (library programs, H2Woah, Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others)
        • Music concerts (Winter Concert/Sharing Assemblies)
        • Band Concerts (Junior/Senior band concerts)
        • Basketball and mini-meets
        • Triple Ball and mini-meets
        • Talent Show
        • Hot Shots
        • Sports Day
        • Primary Bike Parade
        • Hip Hop dance lessons
        • Celebration of Learning
        • STF Conferences
        • Kilometre Club
        • Track & Field
        • Cross Country
        • Flag Football
        • Grade 6/7 Lunch Monitors
        • Grade 7 Announcers
        • Swangard District meet
        • Black Excellence Day
        • Pride month
        • Grade 7 farewell ceremony and dinner/dance
        • PAC sponsored community building events

        Mental Health and Well-Being

        Promote mental health and well-being through social emotional learning and trauma-informed practice.

        • School wide Second Step Program
        • Physical Literacy program with District Staff support
        • School wide Saleema Noon body science educational program
        • Primary tie-dye project to support diversity and Pride month.
        • Pink Shirt Day
        • Halloween Parade for our Elder Friends at Cedarview Lodge
        • Soft start mornings
        • Daily Physical Activities
        • Restorative Justice practices
        • PIE Community partnership

        Truth, Healing and Reconciliation

        Champion truth, healing and reconciliation, and embed Indigenous ways of knowing.

        • Calls to action communicated in weekly Community Memo
        • Land Acknowledgement added to morning announcements
        • Weekly teaching with our Indigenous Support Worker, Sydney Doucet, to promote learning and growth
        • Orange Shirt Day, National Indigenous Day and National Indigenous History Month.
        • Return to Cheakamus Centre to foster place-based learning
        • Applying the First Peoples Principles of Learning
        • Recognizing and acknowledging the Indigenous Worldviews in our everyday practice

        Environmental Stewardship

        Lead on sustainable practices and nature based learning to address environmental challenges.

        • Invasive weed pull by multi-aged students in our green space
        • School-wide buddy competency activity to build nature mandalas
        • Continue all eating inside classrooms to eliminate food waste and litter on the school grounds
        • Nurturing our community garden, harvesting and sharing its bounty
        • Engage with nature to develop our appreciation and connection to the lands around us
        • HVAC system completed to promote fresh-air exchange inside school

          All these combined activities helped foster an appreciation and deepen our collective understanding that students need and should be at the centre of their learning for it to be meaningful.

          Learning ultimately supports the well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors.” (First Peoples Principles of Learning)

            As the summer days arrive, we gently bid this year a fond farewell. We look forward to a seeing you all in the Fall of 2022.