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Montroyal Elementary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Our Vision

To work in partnership with parents and community to provide a dynamic learning environment for all students, where dignity, respect, and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of the curriculum are fundamental goals.

Our Belief

If we build a vibrant and inclusive learning community that values high standards for behaviour and achievement we are giving our students the best chance for success.

Inclusion Goal: Everyone Belongs

We strive to create a community of learners where all have worth and dignity. When we work together our community will have the best chance to succeed.

Academic Goal: Well rounded Excellence

Students will thrive in an inspiriting academic environment that honours the interplay of all subject areas including the fine arts.

Social/Emotional Goal: Personal Awareness & Responsibility

This is one of the Core Competencies of the BC Curriculum and a powerful part of a child’s long term success in life. We want students to make constructive and ethical decision and act on them.

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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

At Montroyal we engage in a continuous process of planning and implementation. For example, our staff uses time in September to plan the shared professional development activities for the year and is guided by our goals in inclusion, academics and social/emotional learning.

Everyone Belongs

Strategy: Adoption of School Motto “Everyone Belongs” to create a shared understanding of our overriding goal. This is coupled with age appropriate SOGI curriculum and weaving in indigenous content and awareness across the K-7 spectrum.

Strategy: Incorporation of the Second Step Program into every classroom. This program explicitly teaches social emotional skills and conflict resolution. Second Step is evidence based and is shown to be a powerful tool to promote social, emotional and academic success in students.

Strategy: Targeted professional development. To support learners with a diversity of needs our staff resource relevant professional development to better help them understand what adaptations and teaching techniques are needed to give students the best chance of success.

Academic Excellence

Strategy: Have high standards and teach to them. With our focus on creating strong, capable, and confident lifelong learners. We have a clear idea of what our students need when leaving grade 7 and build learning opportunities and classroom environments K-7 to achieve this.

Strategy: Guided Reading Program for all students in grades one to three. This small group setting targets specific literacy skills and creates powerful growth amongst all readers for decoding, comprehension, and fluency.

Strategy: Honor and Promote Fine Arts. All students in the school participate in major musical theatre productions. Students develop confidence, leadership, focus and showcase learning in front of our most important audience, our parents.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility

Strategy: The Second Step program has many lessons and units that build students awareness of their own thoughts and behaviours as well as giving them tools to manage these thoughts and behaviours in productive ways.

Strategy: Giving students stewardship. Through activities such as the Environment Club, Peer Leadership and Intramurals students take on increasing amounts of responsibility. Our own effects on our local environment, especially in terms of trash production, are highlighted along with solutions that students, as good stewards, can perform.

Strategy: Explicit teaching of time management. Students are guided on the steps necessary to complete assignments within set timeframes and how to organize and approach projects and large assignments both solo and in group settings.

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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

Montroyal generates a huge amount of data. From the Foundations Skills Assessment (the FSA) to the Middle Years Developmental Instrument to report cards to the Satisfaction Surveys there are prodigious quantities of information to guide our decision making. Marshalling that data is a challenge.

The data is shared at staff meetings, team meetings (primary and intermediate), School Based Resource Team (SBRT) and at PAC meetings. These venues allow us to examine the data together and then plan our response. 

Data Spotlight: The MDI

One area that we monitor closely are the results from our Middle Years Developmental Instrument. This reveals data around students’ sense of self as a learner and as a person. The data for Montroyal students is very positive, but we are also attentive to areas that need improvement such as Leadership opportunities for students. Discussions between the PAC and the Staff resulted in our decision to refresh the Peer Leadership program and our Intramural program, both of which are strong leadership opportunities. Between the staff and the PAC we were able to organise and fund these initiatives. 

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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

Staff meetings and PAC meetings are two of the primary places where we communicate our progress but there are others that are important as well. At the start of the year we have a curriculum night that we encourage all parents to attend. Here we share with everyone some of the great successes of the school and give a bit of a road map of where we are going.

Montroyal continues to focus on academic excellence while we create a school culture that allows for each individual to belong. We work closely with our Montroyal Parent Advisory Council to maintain excellence in academics, arts, and athletics through written communication and six meetings per school year. All parents are welcome!

Showcase Spotlight: The Musicals

Montroyal is unique in that we offer two student productions. Every year every student is involved in putting on two different musicals with costumes and set changes. For the December show, Kindergarten – Grade 4’s put on a full musical production. In April, Grades 5 – 7 are the stars of the show. We believe this is a central place for students to show their development and achievement. To show they belong and what they can do.

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Latest Progress & Updates

Our monthly staff meeting, collaboration days, professional development days, and curriculum implementation days provide opportunities for our skilled Montroyal Staff to reflect on how to continue to provide excellent teaching and learning, infused with social emotional development tailored so each of our students have a sense of belonging and understand how to help fellow students thrive.