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Montroyal Elementary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Our Vision

To work in partnership with parents and community to provide a dynamic learning environment for all students, where dignity, respect, and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of the curriculum are fundamental goals.

Our Belief

If we build a vibrant and inclusive learning community that values high standards for behaviour and achievement we are giving our students the best chance for success.

Social/Emotional Goal: Personal Awareness & Responsibility

We strive to support students’ understanding of the connections between personal and social behaviour and well-being. We encourage students to make constructive and ethical decisions and act on them.

Inclusion Goal: Everyone Belongs

We strive to create a community of learners where all have worth and dignity. When we work together our community will have the best chance to succeed.

Academic Goal: Well Rounded Excellence

Students will thrive in an inspiriting academic environment that honours the interplay of all subject areas including the fine arts.

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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

At Montroyal we engage in a continuous process of planning and implementation. For example, our staff regularly collaborate on professional development activities to support successful learning and teaching in the classroom. Professional Development activities are guided by our goals in inclusion, academics and social/emotional learning. Teachers make use of classroom assessments and ongoing monitoring of learning and engagement to develop and refine upcoming lessons.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility

Strategy: To provide students opportunities for demonstrating leadership in the school environment. Through activities such as the buddy classes, Intramurals and/or Peer Leadership, students take on increasing amounts of responsibility. Our own actions can have a positive impact in our local community, through good decision making, leadership and stewardship of the environment.

Strategy: To support the development of executive functioning skills. Students are guided on the steps necessary to complete assignments within set timeframes and how to organize and approach projects and large assignments both solo and in group settings.

Everyone Belongs

Strategy: To promote the School Motto “Everyone Belongs” by creating a shared understanding of our overriding goal. This is coupled with differentiated learning activities for the all learners, age appropriate SOGI curriculum, and weaving in Indigenous content and awareness across the K-7 spectrum.

Strategy: To include the teaching of Social Emotional learning programs or lessons in all classrooms to actively teach skills and strategies that promote positive social, emotional and academic success in students (i.e. Second Step, Growth Mindset or Open Parachute).

Strategy: To support learners with a diversity of needs, we target professional development activities for our staff with resources to better help us understand what adaptations and teaching techniques are needed to give students the best chance of success.

Academic Excellence

Strategy: To teach critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills to support student developing the understanding that learning requires time, effort, and opportunities to make mistakes. We want to support all learners and to continue to focus on creating strong, capable and confident lifelong learners.

Strategy: Guided Reading Program for all students in grades one to three. This small group setting targets specific literacy skills and creates powerful growth amongst all readers for decoding, comprehension, and fluency.

Strategy: Honour and Promote Fine Arts. All students in the school participate in major musical theatre productions. Students develop confidence, leadership and focus, and showcase learning in front of our community (students, families and staff).

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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

Montroyal teachers and staff monitor and evaluate on a daily basis. Supervision staff maintain open communication with teachers and administration in relationship to how students are doing on the playground. Through observations and personal interactions, staff are able to support the Everyone Belongs goal of the plan. If a student is struggling, classroom teachers may work in collaboration with student, family, counsellor or other staff to support the student.

Academics are monitored by classroom teachers through a variety of informal observations, ongoing assessments, reviewing work submissions and more formal assessments (if necessary). Students are assessed at their grade level, and teachers make adjustments to learning activities or lessons based on learning needs. Teachers may consult the School Based Resource Team if needed to develop more focused plans for learners who continue to have academic challenges after classroom adaptations have been tried.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility is monitored by the Montroyal staff. Classroom teachers and students develop a classroom culture to support teaching and learning, both as individuals and in group activities. Positive behaviours are also supported in non-classroom settings (i.e. computer lab, library, hallways, outside). Students are encouraged to follow the Montroyal Code of Conduct and to reflect on their own role if involved in a negative interaction. Staff, students and parents can work together to support positive personal awareness and responsibility in all learners.

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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

Staff will share progress with our community through public meetings (i.e. PAC meetings) and through regular newsletters shared with our parent group.

Academic progress will be shared with parents via parent/teacher conferences, report cards and ongoing home/school communication.

Progress in our school plan will be shared among staff through informal discussions or through formal meetings (i.e. staff meetings, resource team meetings).

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Latest Progress & Updates

The school plan has been updated in November 2022.