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North Vancouver Online Learning

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

  • The vision of North Vancouver Online Learning is to work in partnership with mainstream schools to provide students with flexible, innovative, and personalized pathways to graduation through interactive and engaging online learning experiences.

School Goals
Goal #1: Implement equity-based practices to support the inclusion and sense of belonging of all students.

Goal #2: Create flexibility and increase student agency and autonomy in NVOL courses.

Guiding Beliefs
Engaged and connected teachers and learners
Flexibility and adaptability
Collaboration and sense of belonging
Passion for technology
Success for all

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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

Developing staff understanding of equity in education.

  • Conduct an equity and diversity audit of our learning resources and materials.
  • Employing universal design principles.
  • Design course content, learning activities, and assessment tasks to be student centred and relevant.

  • Dedicate staff development time to examine teacher practices through the lens of equity.

  • Grow staff understanding of equity in education through dedicated staff development and professional development opportunities.
  • Focus professional development on Universal Design principles of learning.
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    Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

    What are our Indicators of Progress?

    • Equity audit data:
    • What do the results of our equity audit tell us?
    • How will we respond to the picture our equity data paints?
    • Student survey of experiences in NVOL courses.
    • Analysis of opportunities for student choice within NVOL course
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    Communicating Progress

    How do we Communicate our Progress?

    • Sharing of approaches to practice at staff meetings.
    • The NVOL courses themselves.
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    Latest Progress & Updates