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Ross Road School Plan de l’École

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Ross Road is a welcoming, caring and inclusive community, which fosters a culture of engaged learners and critical thinkers, who are responsible and respectful toward themselves, others and the environment. Our School Plan is a living document reflecting an appreciative inquiry process and ongoing documentation and qualitative assessment of the connection between our values, goals and growth. It both leads and reflects our school culture.


  • to identify, celebrate and refine what contributes to making Ross Road a kind, inclusive and vibrant learning community
  • to use nature, technology, and a variety of resources to foster and support creative, collaborative and inquiry-based learning
  • to expand our integration of Indigenous Education and nature-based learning throughout our curriculum
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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

As a school community, we identified our strengths, values and beliefs, and what we are working on or developing. Consistent themes emerged from collaborative brainstorming activities.

From there, we developed a vision statement, and a school plan that reflects the values and priorities of our staff, students and parents. We have worked to illustrate this by describing how our school plan is reflected in our practice, and by assembling photographic evidence of our progress.

Our School Plan review began with our administrators and teaching staff, then grew to include representatives from our PAC, CUPE, and student leadership clubs. Our School Plan Review Committee meets approximately once a term to discuss our goals, objectives and strategies.

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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

Areas for Further Development

We continuously examine how our School Plan informs and reflects our values and our practice, by identifying and deepening the alignment between our goals, our decisions and our actions. We continue to consider the connection between our School Plan and our practice in the following areas:

  • Professional development and collaboration activities
  • Learning resources and budget choices
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Communication and engagement of our school community
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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

Goal: to identify, celebrate and refine what contributes to making Ross Road a kind, inclusive and vibrant learning community

We build community in many ways:

Pancake breakfast: Our staff hosts this event to welcome families in September.

Terry Fox run: Students bring a toonie for Terry and run in support of cancer research.

Hoe down: Our students and staff all get together for a dance.

Clubs: We have clubs such as Best Buddies, We Club and the Environment Club, that encourage community responsibility, kindness and inclusion.

Kindness: Our classes participate in activities that encourage kindness and inclusion. Our Intermediate students participated in an assembly focused on kindness. A grade 4 class created a list of 100 acts of kindness.

School musical: All our students were part of this production!

Km Club: In the spring, many of our students, parents, and staff come together before school to run around the track.

Fun Day: Students worked in teams to create banners and chants, and participated in fun activities designed by our grade 7 students.

Parent appreciation: Our PAC brings our community together in many ways. Our staff hosts a parent appreciation celebration, and our parents host a luncheon for staff. We appreciate each other!

    Goal: to use nature, technology, and a variety of resources to foster and support creative, collaborative and inquiry-based learning

    Our students create, collaborate and inquire in many different ways.

    Music: Our students enjoy making music together.

    Challenge: Build a structure: an egg drop, a chair, a bridge, or an invention.

    Maker Fair: Students design, create and explain an inquiry project.

    Students learn together.

    Students make patterns together.

    Students learn and play together.

        Goal: to expand our integration of Indigenous Education and nature-based learning throughout our curriculum.

        We learn about nature and Indigenous ways of knowing, across the curriculum.

        Salmon: We care for salmon eggs until they are ready to be released into our neighboring Hunter Creek, and invite a First Nations educator to help us have a traditional salmon blessing ceremony.

        Cheakamus Centre: Our Grade 3 students learn about First Nations ways of life at Skw’une-was (Big House) and our Grade 4 and 6 students learn in, about and for nature at Outdoor School.

        Outdoor learning: Our students play outdoor games, explore nature in our neighborhood, and learn about leadership while hiking in Lynn Canyon. We appreciate our outdoor areas, and we take care of them!

        Bike to School week: Our students participate in Bike to School week.

        Art: Examples of creativity using Indigenous styles, with nature as inspiration, are all around the school.

        Orange Shirt Day: Wearing orange is a way to show that we care.

        History: We do the blanket exercise to learn about the history of land settlement.

        Lacrosse: We learn about our other Canadian national sport.

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        Latest Progress & Updates

        Professional development and collaboration activities:

        • Indigenous drawing and music workshop for all staff
        • Drum-making workshop to create an Indigenous drum for each classroom
        • Staff sharing out of learning from professional development workshops with the rest of the staff to be collaborative and inclusive with each other

        Learning resources and budget choices:

        • Block budget cost-sharing with Indigenous Education Grant for Indigenous drums
        • Block Budget-funded purchase of drawing materials for Indigenous drawing workshop for staff
        • PAC-funded purchase of iPads and charging cart to support curriculum and instruction
        • PAC goal of purchasing up-to-date laptops and charging cart to support curriculum and instruction
        • PAC-funded theatre and music performances, and guest speakers on technology and body science
        • Purposeful and thoughtful collection of resources for the library and classrooms, funded by both Block Budget and PAC, that reflect our community and its diversity, and support curriculum and instruction

        Curriculum and instruction:

        • Increase in project-based learning opportunities for students
        • Increased emphasis in curriculum and instruction on collaboration and communication
        • Outdoor School and Skw’une-Was programs at Cheakamus Centre provide nature-based cross-curricular and Indigenous learning opportunities
        • Increased student leadership fostered through student-run assemblies and clubs,  student morning announcements, student lunch monitors, valets, recycling helpers, and environmental stewards

        Communication and engagement of our school community:

        • PAC school community events: movie nights, Winter Fair, SpringFEST, school-wide art, sports and science events, spirit wear
        • School community events: pancake breakfast, Km club, Bike to School Week, Hoe Down, School Musical, performances, motivational speakers, dance-offs, buddy classes, Fun Day
        • Greater inclusivity through Best Buddies to support social connections for diverse students, increased LAC presence, pro-active counseling, student-led SOGI club, SOGI resources display board, universal washrooms (3), school garden, student-led environmental club, student-led WE leadership club, mixed age activities, field trips and activities for combined French and English classes, Food Access program, Indigenous Territorial Acknowledgement, welcoming attitude to new students and families, caring custodial staff providing a clean environment, sharing of student artwork in rotating hallway displays, band and strings concers, student talent show, assemblies
        • Communication and engagement of our community through multiple avenues:
          • Letters to Parents
          • Webpage
          • Twitter
          • Lobby announcement boards
          • Staff calendar
          • Email
          • Agendas
          • Phone calls
          • Texting
          • Class websites
          • PAC meetings
          • Staff meetings
          • EA meetings
          • Face-to-face meetings and conversations