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Westview Elementary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Vision to Goal Setting
Visioning involves a school-based engagement process that highlights the strengths in our school community while identifying areas for future focus and development.

In April 2017, all Westview staff members worked together on a vision to goalsetting activity. Staff members sat in small groups to respond and share ideas around the guiding questions. Each question was introduced one at a time. Staff members took time to think and respond individually and then share with their table group. There was a large share out after and all responses were collected on each question and saved to be referred to at a later date.

Guiding Questions
1. What educational and social experiences does Westview offer?
2. What are Westview’s unique strengths?
3. What is Westview’s purpose as a learning community?
4. What kind of school do we hope to be?

In May 2017 parents were invited to be part of the process and share their ideas and thoughts regarding the same four questions as the staff had. After receiving feedback, this was presented at the PAC meeting at the end of May. All members attending the meeting had time during the meeting to provide their thoughts. In the fall of 2017 teachers will work with students to gather their input.

School Goals

  1. To promote a sense of belonging and engagement through continued honouring of community diversity.
  2. To deepen our understanding of Indigenous culture and ways of knowing and integrate into all areas of curriculum.
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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

Goal 1

To promote a sense of belonging and engagement through continued honouring of community diversity.


To develop a kind and safe environment where students, staff and parents are supported as they work towards a common purpose


  • monthly celebration assemblies
  • mixed aged grouping activities, “Together Time”
  • PAC events
  • Zones of Regulation
  • WE club

Goal 2

To deepen our understanding of Indigenous culture and Ways of Knowing and embed into all areas of curriculum for all learners.


  • to promote Indigenous student leadership
  • to establish an Indigenous Working Group to collaborate and develop capacity
  • to make use of newly acquired resources and maintain momentum in an authentic way


  • Indigenous Student Leadership
  • embedding oral story telling
  • Indigenous drumming incorporated in music program
  • visual arts
  • understand local Indigenous history and place to continue building community
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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

  • local Elders and Knowledge Keepers sharing
  • community participation in School Planning and District Strategic Planning
  • surveys
  • attendance at school events
  • community feedback
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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

  • PAC meetings
  • weekly communication parents/guardians “Monday Message”
  • staff meetings
  • social media
  • community feedback
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Latest Progress & Updates

To promote a sense of belonging and engagement through continued honouring of community diversity.


Westview has open communication with parents/guardians and the community. The Monday Message is published weekly to keep the community informed. Westview has also started a Facebook Page for parents and guardians to stay up to date.

Together Time

At Westview, our community comes together in multi-grade groups to share and learn together. We call this Together Time. Students and all staff have the opportunity to build relationships and build a sense of community.


Pancake Breakfast

Monthly Celebration Assemblies.At Westview we hold many different assemblies to honour the diversity of our community. These assemblies may include the Terry Fox Run, Orange Shirt Day, Halloween Costume Parade, Remembrance Day, Together Time, Winter Celebrations, Salmon Welcome and many different student led events.This year Westview celebrated the diverse talents of students K-7 and held our first Talent Show.Student performances included singing, dancing, magic, beat boxing and DJ demonstrations. The talent show brought the Westview community together to highlight and celebrate the many talents of our community.

PAC Events

At Westview, our active Parent Advisory Committee hosts many different community events. These events are open to all students and their families. Some of these events include an ice cream social, Halloween Dance, Multicultural Dinner, and Celebration and PAC movie night.

WE Club

Intermediate students are participating in the WE Club. Westview’s WE club is working to build community and bring about positive change.

Connecting During Covid 19

During the Covid 19 Pandemic Westview is working hard to stay connected with the Westview Community. Westview staff have participated in a car parade, a photo collage and made a workout video to connect with our community and to share that we are in this together.

Westview Car Parade

Hello Collage from Westview Staff

Westview Workout Video

To deepen our understanding of Indigenous culture and Ways of Knowing and embed into all areas of curriculum for all learners.

September 2019 – Indigenous Student Leadership group established.

This group is open to all Westview students of Indigenous ancestry. The group meets weekly to learn and share culture together.

October 4, 2019Curriculum Implementation Day

Westview staff explored Core Competencies through Indigenous perspectives and story telling.

Orange Shirt Day 2019 – Preparation and Assembly

Students presented on the process and protocol followed to make t-shirts for Orange Shirt Day as a school-wide community. Reciprocal relationship between Tsleil-waututh artist and NVSD Indigenous Cultural Worker, Gordon Dick, and parent artist, Pamela Westerman, made this possible. All staff and students of the Westview community wore their orange t-shirts for Orange Shirt Day to welcome Sempulyan to share his personal story as a Residential School survivor.

October 15, 2019 – Student presentation at Public Board Meeting

November 1, 2019 School -based Professional Day

Swalklanexw, Dallas Guss, led Westview staff on a walking tour of Xwáyxway, Stanley Park, to develop understanding of local place and connection to land through story.

November 18, 2019 – Squamish Carver, K’na’kweltn, Darren Yelton

K’na’kwetn shares the story of place and process of carving the Kyactn Pole that he carved for Westview

January 9, 2020 -Circle in the Box

Swalklanexw, Dallas Guss, facilitated the experiential learning ‘Circle in the Box’ to continue staff development on understanding of what it means to walk in two worlds.

February 14-2020 Salmon Welcome

On February 14, 2020 Westview was honoured to welcome Swalklanexw, Dallas Guss to share the story of The Salmon People and work with Westview Indigenous Student Leadership Group to welcome the Salmon. The Indigenous Student Leadership Group led each Together Time group through singing of the Salmon Song and brushing off the cedar tank with cedar.