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Argyle Secondary

Vision to Goal Setting

What is our Vision for Learning?

Our Mission

Argyle provides students opportunities to learn and grow by fostering resilience, building self-efficacy, and developing critical and creative thinking. As a vibrant, flexible, and connected learning community, we prepare students to become respectful and collaborative citizens who are stewards of the land and its people.

From Vision to Goal Setting

Our Process

The School Planning Committee is made up of representatives from the teaching staff, support staff, parent community, student community, and administration.

2023 – 2024

Revised school goals were introduced mid-last year, and since then, Argyle’s school planning team has been collaborating with our school community to raise awareness and engage in activities aimed at advancing these goals.


Argyle’s school planning team met in Fall 2022 to review our school goals and reflect on progress made over the past few years. Through the Fall term we continued to focus on these current goals while also recognizing that there was an appetite for change since significant progress had been made in many goal areas. New and revised goals were created and input gathered in preparation to launch the revised goals for the start of semester 2.


Goals for 2021-2022 were determined in June 2021 and shared with staff. In the fall these goals were shared with the school community and reviewed regularly throughout the year with staff. The Argyle school planning committee met in the winter and spring to gather evidence on progress towards each goal and objective and to determine any areas that may need more attention. Argyle teacher leaders and admin met more frequently to revisit and take action towards achieving these goals.

This year was the first full year in the new school building. The pandemic was still in full swing and we had our third change to the timetable in three years moving to a semester system with two long blocks per day. With the easing of pandemic restrictions in the latter part of the year saw a return of many cherished activities, performances and yearend celebrations.

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Planning & Implementation

What is our Action Plan?

Argyle has 3 school goals for 2023-2024:

Possible Strategies:

  • Ongoing consideration of resources through the lenses of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the terms: equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Create opportunities that honour inclusion, diversity and equity throughout the school.
  • Continue to learn, implement, and advance our understanding of First Peoples Principles of Learning.

Possible Strategies:

  • Continue to teach about mental health.
  • Normalize discussion and reduce stigma around mental health, by naming, nurturing, and sharing out examples of practicing mental health hygiene.
  • Continue to build student and staff wellness and mental health literacy.
  • Differentiate between helpful stress and harmful stress.
  • Develop tools to build and sustain a resilient and growth mindset.

Possible Strategies:

  • Identify transferable skills by gathering feedback from students/staff/parents/alumni.
  • Connect transferable skills to day-to-day living.
  • Introduce “Attributes of an Argyle Learner.”
  • Provide opportunities for students to challenge, extend, and reflect upon their learning.
  • Improve students’ ability to use technology responsibly & ethically to support their learning.
  • Develop students’ time management and organizational skills.
Strategic Action Plan
In 2023-2024, we shared the school plan with our school community. Staff were encouraged to make explicit connections to the goals in their lessons, interaction, and teaching throughout the year. For staff, opportunities to learn and grow in these priority areas next year may take place during professional development, staff meetings, informal conversations, and committee work.
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Monitor Evaluate & Adapt

What are our Indicators of Progress?

Throughout the year we will collect evidence of our growth qualitatively and quantitatively. Our goals, objectives and strategies are monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Examples of evidence may include:

  • Photographs
  • Student voice (eg: student focus groups)
  • Survey Data (eg: Youth Development Instrument survey; Middle Years Development Instrument survey; Ministry Student Learning surveys)
  • Information and survey data from classroom teachers and support staff
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Communicating Progress

How do we Communicate our Progress?

2023-2024 School Plan Progress

~Argyle 2023-2024 School Plan Summary-Please click to explore learning activities and view photos highlighting the progress of Argyle’s 2023-2024 school plan.

2022-2023 School Plan Progress
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Latest Progress & Updates

Please click on each section of the grid for 2023-2024 updates.