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North Vancouver School District 2018

Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education Update 2019

Goal: To promote the perspective of Aboriginal Education for all to understand Aboriginal history, content, and worldview. The Aboriginal Education team feels that they are approximately half-way in their journey to achieving this goal.


Significant progress has been made towards this goal, including the following accomplishments:

1. School Initiatives

Aligning with the mission of the District Aboriginal Education team has created space for more protocol and processes within schools. In total, 5 out of 7 secondary schools and 17 out of 25 elementary schools have established core teams to authentically facilitate the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement. Another important accomplishment within school initiatives is the submission of mid-year Aboriginal Education report based on the three pathways (students, educators, community).

2. District Initiatives

New indigenous education learning opportunities are now available for staff, including lunch and learns, dinner and dialogues, inquiry groups, and movie screenings. More professional development workshops are being offered to staff, including the Blanket Exercise, First People’s Principles of Learning, Storytelling, Racism. Community outreach is also being utilized to increase awareness and understanding of truth and reconciliation.

3. Curriculum

District staff and school based educators are building capacity through collaboration and modelling. There is an increased use of authentic indigenous resources in all curricular areas. Indigenous history, worldview, and perspectives are being consistently embedded within the curriculum as well.


Having 750 educators participate in educating the educator events has provided staff with the ability to share important indigenous learnings with their colleagues. This is a key milestone in promoting the perspective of Aboriginal Education.


Meeting Expectations

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